Christmas Ornaments

09 Dec

Christmas has many different meanings to all walks of life.  But as Linus reminds us the true meaning of Christmas.


Christmas holds a special place to me. It means being with family, friends, and great food.  But also means using some superficial items to help get my family in the holiday spirit!  Decorating the tree each year was a HUGE night for my family when I was younger and to this day putting up our tree still means alot.

Every year since my sister and I have been kids, we ALWAYS opened Christmas presents on Christmas morning.  However, my family would ALWAYS go to a Christmas Church Service on Christmas eve, come home, change, eat a ton of snacks, and then gorge ourselves with a huge feast. We would each get to open ONE or two gifts/stocking stuffers.

As we got older we realized this “stocking stuffer” would include the same thing each year….a Christmas ornament.  At the time, we were kinda bummed since we knew what it was going to be, and just laughed as we opened it.  It was still fun and got us stoked for what was coming in the morning, but as kids, an ornament was far from a desired gift.  It was not until the last few years when I moved out of my parents house and started decorating our own tree with the ornaments my parents handed down to me, helped me realize why my parents gave us an ornaments as gifts each year.  Going though my box, and placing each one on the tree honesty brought some great memoires and I can NOT thank my parents enough for giving the as gifts, and allowing me to have and keep to this day.

If you noticed, we decorated our tree, last week.  And these are just some of the ornaments we put on our tree that really got us into the Christmas mood!


Baseball is one of the greatest games created and reminds us we are all kids at heart

And the Rescuers Bernard and Sebastian ornaments were from McDonalds sold in a set, and can still remember my parents buying them for me and my sister without even asking!

010009 (2)

Go Hoosiers.  The IU stocking is the only one I felt we needed but Brittni disagreed.

007 (2)005 (4)

The Camouflage Snowman reminds me of the great time in the woods with my Pops, teaching me WAY more then hunting.

And what cooks home wouldn’t be complete without a gingerbread man making cookies!

006 (4)

Family of the Year?  I think so Winking smile

008 (2)

And last, and the one that means most, is one in which my family had made from the rose petals off my Grandfathers coffin and grave site….So many great warm memories of sitting in the living room talking about sports and life.

These are just a few of the most memorable ornaments and I have MANY more.  Christmas is not about gifts and decorations, but it still is great to use some of them to get you in the spirit and really gives me so many warm memories of Christmas time as a child.

Question of the Day

Do you or or family have one or two rituals that get them into the Holiday Spirit?  

Mine for sure is decorating the tree, and making Christmas cookies with my mother!


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2 responses to “Christmas Ornaments

  1. Auntie Ann

    December 21, 2011 at 4:09 am

    Hello Nathan!!

    Loved reading about all the Christmas ornaments and all the memories and stories behind each one. Putting up the tree,going to church,having days off school, and having lots of good food and candy pretty much is what I remember growing up.Looking forward to another Christmas with everyone and hope it is just as special as all the other years. Can’t wait to see the Grandkids little faces with excitement.Hope Santa finds your house as well, Nathan!!

    • cheeseandicecream

      December 21, 2011 at 1:32 pm

      Aw. Yes indeed, I feel if there are atleast meaning behind ornaments and decorations it makes them a little less superficial and I really do get into the spirit when I look at our tree. But the goof food and candy you speak of does make me hungry and excited to see everyone for Christmas. And Indeed, the grand kids you have now probably make the holidays even more Merry! And Im not sure if we’ve been good enough but I hope the Big Jolly guy finds us and I’m sure he will find you and the family 😉


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